We are sorry to announce the cancellation of the 2020 Firefighter 50 Bike Ride. Your health and safety are paramount to us, and with the coronavirus and the multitude of serious issues associated with it, we will be unable to prepare for and properly sponsor the Firefighter 50 Bike Ride this year.

For our 2020 registered riders (and we sincerely appreciate and thank you for your early registration) we are offering you three options.

  1. Confirm the transfer of your 2020 registration to the 2021 Firefighter 50 Bike Ride scheduled for June 13, 2021 (Date recently updated!). As a bonus, we will provide you with a free commemorative t-shirt (design not yet finalized).
  2. Refund your registration.
  3. Do nothing for which we will assume you want to transfer your registration without the commemorative t-shirt.

To initiate either option 1 or option 2, complete the appropriate form below.

Let’s hope we have some level of normalcy for the 2021 Firefighter 50 Bike Ride. We are looking forward to serving you as our guests for the 2021 bike ride. Please contact Dave Yonkoski at dfyonko@gmail.com or call him on 240-357-0593 with any questions or concerns.

Option 1: Request Transfer of 2020 Registration to June 13, 2021 Event with a free commemorative t-shirt.

    Option 2: Request Refund of 2020 Registration

      Name and Amount Paid will need to match records on file. ALL FIELDS ARE REQUIRED