Updated: December 16, 2019

What is the Firefighter 50 Bike Ride? The Firefighter 50 bike ride is a one-day cycling event to raise funds for the Pleasant Valley Fire Company in Westminster, MD. Our goal is for you to have a SAFE and FUN day of cycling in Northern Carroll County MD and Eastern Frederick County MD and in Southern Adams County PA. The Firefighter 50 is NOT, repeat, NOT a race. NO roads will be closed for this event and ALL state and local traffic laws must be obeyed The date for the 2020 Firefighter 50 bike ride is Sunday, July 19, 2020.

Where is the event located? The Firefighter 50 Bike Ride starts and ends in the Village of Pleasant Valley, just a few miles North West of Westminster, MD. The address is the Pleasant Valley Fire Company 2030 South Pleasant Valley Rd Westminster, MD 21158. The web site for the fire company is www.pleasantvalleyfire.org.

Tell me about the cycling routes for 2020? For 2020 we have four great road riding routes for cyclists of ALL abilities:

  • Century Loop: 103 miles with about 5300 ft of climbing. The Century route has been modified in 2020 because of extensive bridgework in the Hornets Nest Rd portion of the Mountain Stage. This modification has added about 1 mile to the total distance for the Century.
  • Metric Century: 62 miles with about 3500 ft of climbing. The route has been modified extensively in 2020, we hope you enjoy the revised route.
  • Half-Century: 50 miles with about 2500 ft of climbing
  • 35 Mile Loop: 35 miles with about 1500 ft of climbing.

All routes have been developed by local cyclists, they have selected the best of the best roads for you.

Will the routes be posted online? Yes, our final versions of the routes will be posted in mid-July. We develop our routes using ride with GPS, so you can download the routes on your GPS. PLEASE remember routes can change at the last minute so be sure to verify routes the day of the event. When downloading your route on your GPS please also remember they can be a slight difference in the routes based on which hardware/algorithm you use. The cue sheet will be the GOLD standard for the route.

Do you have recommended ride start times? Yes, although we have a show and go start time of 6 AM- 9 AM we HIGHLY recommend you start your ride no later than the following times:

  • Century: 6:30 AM
  • Metric Century: 7:30 AM
  • Half-Century: 8:00 AM
  • 35 mile: 9:00 AM

Of course, all riders have different abilities but our experience over the past 8 years is that the times listed above seem to work best for the average riders.

Will the roads be marked for each route? Yes, all routes are marked with Firefighter 50 specific arrows with each route having a different color, arrows. For 2020 the route arrows are as follows:

  • Century: follow green arrows
  • Metric Century: follow blue arrows
  • Half-Century: follow yellow arrows
  • 35-mile loop: follow white arrows

We use colored chalk with a water binder to mark the roads. The marks are only temporary and disappear very quickly. So if you decide to ride the routes after the actual event you will most likely NOT have route arrows to use for navigation. We are NOT permitted by local and state authorities to apply ANY permanent type marks on the roads. For the century riders please note we use 14 in x 24 in plastic signs at critical locations to guide you on the Mt. St. Mary University Campus.

We have a website. For additional information and complete event details plus any last minute changes/cancellations PLEASE go to www.firefighter50,com.

What about parking? We have hundreds of paved parking spaces and adjacent fields that can park thousands of vehicles, Parking will NOT be a problem for you.

What about bad weather? We ride rain or shine.

Why no rain dates? It takes minimum of 8 months for our team to prepare for this event, with all the permits, volunteers, logistics, food, SAG personnel, and private property permissions required for the Firefighter 50.

It is not possible to quickly establish an alternate approved date.”